Winter Wreath Essential Oil Blend

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Winter wreath essential oil blend
It’s time for your favorite flavors, isn’t it?
Nothing says tradition like a holiday wreath. That is exactly why Winter Wreath has a crisp, fresh aroma that brings a nice smell of the woods indoors.
Exclusive winter wreath essential oil blend
A nice composition of your favorite flavors
This festive blend includes the bright, woodsy scent of balsam fir, atlas cedarwood and black spruce, the sharp, green scent of juniper berry, and the sweet, minty scent of spearmint.
Ensures a curative effect
Besides just nice smelling, the fresh picked winter wreath oil blend has a curative effect. It is uplifting and may also support clear and easy respiration.
Eco-friendly essential oil blend
Please be sure that this is an eco-friendly and fresh picked essential oil blend that is made with a special care to its user. Only top-quality materials were used while manufacturing that takes place in the United States of America. So it remains for you only to add some drops of this winter wreath essential oil to your diffuser and enjoy & recover!

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